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~ Asian Mushrooms and Fungi List

Cloud Ear Fungus

Asian mushrooms and fungi are often used in Asian cuisine, either fresh or dried. According to Chinese traditional medicine, many types of mushroom affect the eater’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

Image Commonly used names Notes, other Chinese names
poplar mushroom, velvet pioppino, tea tree mushroom
wood ear
Cloud Ear FungusCloud Ear Fungus – A grey-brown edible jelly fungus that is often used in Asian cooking, especially Chinese cuisine. Cloud ears may also be referred to as black fungus, tree ear, wood fungus, mouse ear, jelly mushrooms.

More Information : Cloud Ear Fungus

pig stomach mushroom
Shaggy ink cap
sweet osmanthus ear Used in Buddha’s delight.
enoki Cultivated variety shown, wild differs in appearance.
reishi mushroom Very bitter but believed to be medicinally highly potent. Often made into a tea or broth with Chinese wolfberries.
elm ear Used in Buddha’s delight.
lion’s mane mushroom, bearded tooth mushroom
white beech mushroom
Shiitake Mushrooms – xxxxx

More Information : Cloud Ear Fungus


chicken meat strip mushroom
bamboo fungus Considered an aphrodisiac. Used in chicken soups.
king oyster mushroom
oyster mushroom Also known as 秀珍菇 (pinyin: xiùzhēngū)
green brittlegill
dried beef mushroom Discovered in 1987, now highly prized. It takes its name from 干巴牛肉 (pinyin: gānbāniúròu), a Yunnanese specialty of dried beef.
golden ear Used in Buddha’s delight.
yellow ear Used in Buddha’s delight. Also known as 叶银耳 (pinyin: yèyín’ěr; lit.: ‘leaf wood ear’)
silver ear fungus, snow fungus Also known as 雪耳(pinyin: xuě’ěr; lit.: ‘snow ear’) and 白木耳 (pinyin: báimù’ěr; lit.: ‘white wood ear’)
matsutake Expensive delicacy, especially highly prized in Japan.
paddy straw mushroom

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