Category: Australian Herbs and Spices – A to Z

If there’s a brave new frontier in the spice trade, it’s most certainly in Australia. Wild-crafted spices like bush tomato, akudjura and mountain pepper are the newest things to hit spice shelves in years. It's interesting that Indigenous Australians' spice racks may predate those of the rest of the world by millennia.


Akudjura spice (left) - Bush Tomatoes (right)

Refers to the crushed version of bush tomato. The flavour is a pungent sharp tamarillo – caramelised sun-dried tomato flavour. Akudjura can be added directly to any dish – it does not require further preparation. Uses include seasoning for soups, vegetables, salads, cheese.

Bush Tomato (incl Akudjura)

Akudjura spice (left) - Bush Tomatoes (right)

Regarded as a staple, bush tomatoes that had dried on the shrub in low humidity desert conditions were gathered and ground with water to produce a thick paste which was formed into large balls and left to dry in the blazing sun. The high acidity characterised in the tangy flavour and rich vitamin C content acted as a preservative, making storage over long periods of time possible and these balls were often wedged into the forks of trees for later use.